A Heritage

Any artisans associated with Caragalatea are Sicilian, raised in the traditions of authentic Sicilian craftsmanship and all materials used in production are Italian wherever possible and unless otherwise specified. The crystal is from Tuscany*. The clay for the ceramics that we will be offering in future is also from Sicily.

 Caragalatea’s emphasis is on quality not quantity, on beauty and value for money not price, on preserving the aesthetic heritage of true artisans using their hands and eyes to produce something of meaning. The particularly Sicilian sensibility, informed by suffering, continues to create its own characteristic art; naïve and modest, of beauty and substance, combining complexity with simplicity.

* There may be some engraved crystal bowls sourced from Germany, which we will always specify in our communications with you upon receipt of any enquiry, if you let us know that you would like this information.


About Us

We offer authentic, beautiful quality products worked upon by Sicilian artisans, raised in the traditions of Sicilian craftsmanship.