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Iosiana Lombardo

Iosiana Lombardo is Sicilian through and through. She was born near Siracusa, studied in Catania and has lived in Taormina.


Iosi has always loved drawing and painting and when she was 13 she discovered Degas’ ballet dancers. Since then her aim has always been to express herself and her beloved Sicily. Over the past 20 years she has exhibited all over the island, carried out commissions and restoration and won prizes, and been internationally written up and filmed.

Sicily’s culture, through which its Greek, Roman, Arab and Norman heritage is interwoven, is rich in epics, romance and literature. Iosi is inspired by Sicilian tradition and mythology, and she engraves these classical subjects on glass and crystal— from lemons, grapes and prickly pears, all part of the folklore, to myths and legends. Every piece tells its own story and her constant challenge is to make each and every one both typical and personal as well as useful and decorative — and of course in the spirit of Sicily. Everything depends on the material, shape and texture she is engraving as she creates special effects with their transparency and form, always following her deepest feelings and listening to nature.

“Every piece is a new challenge,” Iosi says, for which she must generate the energy and passion. She believes that beauty is both subjective — everyone’s individual taste and discernment — and objective — Italy’s rich and magnificent art history.


Iosi’s passion for her home embraces this beauty as well as its precious art and rich nature, its scent of citrus, the taste of its traditional dishes and its unforgettably warm hospitality.

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